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Online Bingo

The game of bingo dates all the way back to the 1500s, where it was created in France. Over the years, the game has grown and developed, spreading in popularity around the world. Today, the game is played millions in land-based bingo halls and on online bingo websites. The game has come a long way and is one of the most popular leisure activities the world has ever seen.

The aim of the game is simple. Each player is given a card with numbered squares on it. Numbers are then called and the player must mark of each number on their card. The player who marks of their entire card first wins the grand prize. Prizes are also awarded to those who mark off one line or two lines.

While the game offers players the chance to win a great deal of money online, most players are in it for the social experience. Much like the land-based version of the game, online bingo has a very social environment. There is an in-game chat room, where players can talk to one another while the game is going on. Some players state that they have made friends while playing bingo on line while a few have even claimed to have fallen in love!

Online bingo also offers players far more perks than playing in a land-based hall. In the online world, operators are more willing to give players promotions and bonuses, so you can earn extra cash on top of your winnings by taking part in contests and by playing bingo side games.



















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