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Online Blackjack Guide

Most of the blackjack rules for online casino version of the game you are playing will be the standard rules you would use if playing against a casino dealer in a real life casino.

Whichever type of blackjack game you choose to play, you should have some basic understanding of the rules of that specific game variation. This is important, especially for new players, as they will get a better understanding of how the game works, and hopefully in turn, have more fun in the process.

The better understanding you have of the game of blackjack, the more it will help in making decisions during the game which will put the odds more in your favour. The odds are still in favour of the casino, but at least you might get a few more hands for your money.

As a player you will typically need to know when the dealer will act and what actions you can take during the game. This will include knowing when and how much you can bet, whether you can hit or stand, whether to double or take insurance. Sometimes you can get the option to split and thereby play 2 hands instead of just one.



















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