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Baccarat Rules

Online Baccarat

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The aim in Online Baccarat is to create a hand of two or three cards with a points value of nine or as close as possible. The best hand is one that totals nine in the first two cards. Eight is the second-best hand and, along with the nine, it constitutes the two best hands known as 'natural' hands. The only hand that will beat a natural eight is a natural nine. Unlike Blackjack you do not go bust if you go over nine. If any players hand or the Bank has a natural eight or nine, the others may not draw a third card.

In Online Baccarat Aces count as one, picture cards as 10 and the others their face value. If your hand total is in double figures, then the first figure is ignored. So a hand totalling 19 counts as nine and a hand of 28 counts as eight.

If a player has a count less than eight or nine, he may stand or get one more card face up. If the total of the players first two cards is six or seven they cannot take another card and if the players first two cards total four or less they must take another card.

There are three types of baccarat online bets a player may wager on - the Player's hand, the Banker's
hand, or the Tie bet. If the player has bet on the banker winning and the banker wins then the player wins the bet, Agasin if the player bets onthe player to win and the player does win then again the player wins the bet, If however the player bets on the banker and the banker loses then the player loses the bet and so on. If the player has bet on either the player or the banker and there is a tie, bets are called off. The player can of course bet on a tie and if they do and there is a tie they win a larger amount generally around Eight to One of there bet. However if the player bets on a tie and either the banker wins or the player wins then the player loses that bet.

A player can of course bet on a player to win and also bet on a tie or any other combination.

In the same way that any decent baccarat game will let you download a trial version before you decide you love it – most high class web bingo websites offer free credits with you having to make a deposit. Naturally, you won't bank a small fortune – but you can often find a nice little £5 bonus.























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