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Voted Best Online Casino 2005

has done the impossible (well obviously not quite impossible) and have won Best Online Casino Award for the Fifth year running, meaning they have held the title of Best Online Casino for Half a decade now! Amazing, anyone who has ever played at will know that they are always striving to improve and playing there myself over this past year I myself have witnessed new features added as well as an astonishing array of new games. One thing is for sure are not resting on their past successes and if they keep improving as they have been I would fully expect them to take this award again next year unless some other casino manages to do somthing really amazing is going to stay on top. As Ryan Hartley ( Manager) says, "I've said this many times before, but it always rings true. Each time we win an award, we think 'what can we now improve to stay on top for next year'. We aren't afraid to improve things that are working. If you wait until something isn't working before you change it, it's too late."

The Online Gambling Magazine readers poll is just that an independant poll of the readers and online gaming enthusiasts so this award really does mean somthing. The poll compiled in late December 2005 totaled over 50,000 voters representing the largest sampling of online gamblers ever done.

Of all the online casinos out there proves to be the players favourite, could it be because of the high security levels (it has been nick named "The Safest Place To Play")? Could it be the massive selection of games with new games being added all the time currently over 180 games including multi player games with real time chat? Could it be the multi-platform real time support that is available to all players 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Or could it be the loyalty program (The Players Club) with regular promotions and free cash give aways and of course the now famous $90 Bonus for every player every month? We thinks its not just any one of these factors but more likly a combination of all of them and a few others added in that made so many people vote for as Best Online Casino 2005!




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