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Microgaming Wins Best Online Casino Software Provider 2002, 2003 & 2004

For the third year in a row, Microgaming has received the highest industry honor from online gaming magazines readers, accepting the award for "Top Casino Software". This distinction has been given to the software provider by the readers of Gambling Online Magazine, one of the gaming industry's top publications.

In 2004 Microgaming took a massive 38.4% of the Vote beating the mighty and respected Cryptologic Software by almost 18%. Cryptologic as you may be aware Powers which won Best Online Casino Award and took a very impressive 20.95% of the Best Online Software Award Vote so in the Words of the guys over at Gambling Online Magazine 'Kudos to Crypto too!'. Whilst quoting stats and results we feel it only fair to mention that Real Time Gaming took 18.58% of the awards votes and Playtech took an impressive 16.78%

So ok I hear you say, "there are currently 4 Big Dogs in the world of Online Casinos Software, buts whats your point?" Well its simple the majority of Players do seem to prefer Microgamings casino software taking almost twice as much of the vote as any one of the other Big Software providers! So this should be making you ask the question why? Right?

Well in our opinion Microgamings software is incredably easy to install and use, and it seems to remain bug free, this means beginners and people new to the online gambling world get an easy time, as they will very quickly be able to find their way around the software and would be hard pushed not to have fun in the process.

Also Microgaming does really seem to strive to stay at the top, as an online casino reviewer I can say barley a month goes by when I dont get emails from microgaming powered online casinos telling me to check out these new games they have just added! And Im not just talking about poping out new games for the sake of it either, they have recently introduce a great new Video Poker Game Aces and Eights and lets not forget that amazing Tomb Raider Slots Game! On top of all this non of the games ever seem to have any glitches or problems, their testing standards and procedures must be extremely vigorous (if only Microsoft tested their software this well eh?). In the words of the Online Gambling Magazine guy's, "Customers at Microgaming casinos can be sure that their software will be bulletproof, that their casino operators have been carefully screened and that they will get a top notch gaming experience with timely product updates that work as surely as a Swiss watch". To be honest we couldnt agree more!

Microgaming have been around making gambling software since 1994, which may not sound like a very long time, but in Internet terms thats a very very long time. To give you some idea just how well established Im talking let me tell you that Google (currently the worlds largest and most popular Search Engine) was not launched until 1996, so I hope that helps put this in perspective. On the internet there are alot of fly by night outfits, Microgaming however have proved without doubt it is not one of them, they are here to stay and in online casino software it looks like they intend to lead the way!

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To view what we had to say when microgaming won this award last year click here.

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