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Video Poker Tips

The following video poker tips are general tips intended to help you improve your chances of winning, however we can not accept any liability for any losses you may incur even when following these tips. You should also bear in mind that these are general tips and that you need to fully familiarize yourself with the rules and payouts of the exact game of video poker you are playing.

1. Alway draw one card to a royal flush, unless you already have a straight flush.

2. Never break up a full house.

3. Don't break up a straight or flush to draw a straight flush, except to a royal flush.

4. you should draw to eight-way straight flushes, which are four consecutive cards of the same suit, in preference to a high pair.

5. A three-card royal flush is a better draw than four to a flush!

6. Draw to a low pair, rather than four to a straight; the one exception is a king high 'eight-way straight'.

7. Draw to any three-card straight flush rather than to two honours.

8. If you have two or three honours of different suits, draw three cards(if you can keep two of the same suit, then do so) With a choice, keep the lower honours (Jack, Queen is better than Jack Ace).

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