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Online Casinos News 21st August 2005 - Todays News is from City Club Casino to view our City Club Casino Review click here or to Visit City Club click here.

We have just noticed this Jackpot has still not been won, the bigger a Jackpot gets the better your chance of winning so now is the time to play this slots game, even more so as they are giving you back 50% of any loses!

City Club Casino
Dig up a Million at Gold Rally or your Cash Back

From Thursday, April 21st 2005 until someone hits the jackpot - Still not won by 21st August 2005!

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  Receive 50% cash back up to $10,000

Biggest Ever Gold Rally Jackpot About to Burst, and at City Club Casino we're giving you back your cash so you risk less and gain more. We won't stop giving you your cash back until someone hits the jackpot. So stop by City Club and get ready for some serious Gold Rally Action!

  This is how it works:

Any player that looses more than $100 during the promotion period on Gold Rally will receive a 50% cash back bonus up to $10,000, after deducting a $100 participant fee.

For example:

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
Looses $200 on Gold Rally. Looses $450 on Gold Rally Looses $50 on Gold Rally.
Deducts $100 Participant fee, $100 left over. Deducts $100 Participant fee, $450 left over. Is not Eligible to receive Gold Rally Cash Back Bonus
Receives $100 cash back (50% x $100 = $50) Receives $350 cash back (50% x $350 = $175)

  Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is open to all City Club Casino Real Money Players that have received this promotion via e-mail.
  • To participate in the promotion the player must have previously made 1 (one) initial deposit in the casino.
  • The player must make a deposit and wager a minimum of $100 on Gold Rally games during the promotion period.
  • The Gold Rally Cash Back will be give to those players that have lost more than $100 during the promotion period. The 50% cash back will be calculated after deducting a $100 participant fee and after all other bonuses have been deducted as well.
  • Players may receive up to $10,000 cash back.
  • The bonus will be given on Tuesday the following the jackpot win.
  • Please note that in the interest of fair gaming, players are required to wager a minimum of 10 (ten) times their bonus before cashing out any amount of the bonus or bonus winnings.
  • City Club Casino reserves the right to exclude any players from this promotion.
  • City Club Casino will not be obligate to explain such refusal, or be liable for its decision.
  • Suspicious cashins will be audited before being processed.
  • We will remove prize credits from the accounts of any member who fails to comply with any of the above conditions.
  • Management reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this offer at any point.
  • All players are requested to contact ONLY the city club lobby manager at should any issues arise.
  • Management's decision is final.
  • Those conditions are in addition to the regular terms and conditions that you can find at the casinos website.

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