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online roulette

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Roulette - European or American Roulette - Roulette System

Online Roulette is a very popular casino game which is extremly simple to play making the rules of roulette so easy anyone could play. The wheel has 37 possible positions 0 to 36 where the ball could land and you can bet on any of them. You can also bet on red or black or a row of numbers or well any combination you want.

The best system I know of is to bet on either red or black and then double your stake every time you lose. For example Say you choose to bet red you bet $10 and after the spin it comes up black you would then bet double that so bet $20 on red again if black comes up again you then bet $40 on red if again black comes up you bet $80 on red more likly than not red will now come up winning you your origional $80 bet plus another $80 so you have $160 in the bank. You should note that $10 plus $20 plus $40 plus $80 equals $150 so you are now $10 up. You then start again with a $10 bet. You must remember that there is only almost a fifty/fifty chance of red or black as the green zero tips the odds slightly in the favour of the house. The other thing to be aware of is that casinos know of systems like this and to try to deter you they set a minimum bid and a maximum bid so ideally you want a casino with a large maximum bid and a small minimum bid to use this system to best effect. This roulette system is covered in much more depth in our new online roulette section please use the links above to visit those pages and learn more.

If you are from Canada we suggest you take a look at club777 Canada.

We cannot and do not in any way guarantee that you will win using the above advice. We suggest you take full advantage of the casinos play for free facility and try the system out for yourself and only bet real money when you are happy with it yourself Above all we advise you play online roulette for fun and see if your luck is in.

For roulette strategies and betting systems you must check Roulette Tactics which covers the most well known and looks at there pros and cons.

























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