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Blackjack is without doubt a game of skill, admitidly more luck is involved than in poker but Blackjack does indeed offer the skilful player the highest percentage return, thus less of a gamble. This is only the case if the player has the patience and memory to keep track of all the cards which have been used. On this site we will teach you how to play blackjack, the best strategy to use and how to work out your own strategy, plus we also rate online casinos so you can easily pick the bext places to play.

Blackjack Rules

The aim of the game is quite simple, you are betting that your hand will total closer to 21 than the dealers hand. Closer to but not greater than 21 it should be noted if your hand becomes a larger sum than 21 you go bust and lose. A number of players can play at the same time usually seven players. A player can have more than one hand at a time but each is counted as a seperate bet against the dealer/bank. Working out what your hand totals is also very simple, you just add the face values of your cards together. Picture cards (Jack, Queen & Kings) all count as ten as does a Ten an Ace can count as either 1 or 11 at the choice of the player and all other cards are there standard value a Seven being worth 7 and so on.

Depending which variation of the game you are playing either 4, 6 or 8 decks of cards are used (check with the casino you are playing in if you intend to keep a count of the cards used). Normally 6 decks of cards with the jokers removed are used this is a total of 312 cards. Before the first deal the shuffled cards are cut by one of the players. The Dealer then deals two card to each player.

The players in turn now make there choice's. Play starts with the player to the extreme left of the dealer and works its way round.

A player can Stand this is simply meaning they do not wish to take another card.

A player could Hit or Take which simply means to take another card, after this third card has been delt the player can take more cards in the same manner until that player either decides to 'stand' or the hand goes to a value above 21.

A player could Double, rules on this vary from casino to casino so its best you check this with the casino you are intending to play at for finer details. But basicaly this is a chance to buy another card by placing a second stake next to the first. You then recieve another card. Just like takeing a card you then add the value of this third card to the first two to give your new total and if the total is greater than 21 the player will again go bust thus lose.

If a player recieves a pair as thier first two cards these may be split (again we recommend you check the exact house rules as variations exist). By splitting a pair the player will then recieve another two cards thus allowing the player to have two hands, in order to split a pair a player must place a second stake equal to that of his first and these now split cards will be treated as two seperate hands.

The Dealer follows a set of rules, if the total of his hand is 16 or below he keeps taking cards. The Dealer does this until his hand becomes greater than 16, if the dealers hand goes above 21 then the Dealer is bust and pays out to all players with a hand of 21 or below. Note any players that have gone bust themselves do not get paid out to.

If a player has two cards that add up to 21 this is known as Blackjack or 'natural'. This can be made by either having an Ace and a Ten card or by having an Ace and a Picture card. If the player has such a hand then the player is paid. However if the Dealer also has a natural then the bet is known as a stand off and the origional stake only is returned.

We also suggest you read as much about the games tatics and stratgies as you can but remember there is no substitute for practise. You can play for free thus practise for free at any of the casinos reviewed on this site. We suggest you try playing at as that tends to have alot of other players online so there is a bit more social interaction and a transfer of knowledge.



















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