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We have recently added a new section to our site about online slots and Slot Machines using the following links or those on the left to view it.

For Uk visitors and those of you who like to play Fruit Machines, which are slightly different from slot machines as they have extra and different features.

Slots - Slots Tips - Online Slots Jackpots

The first slot machine was the one origional one armed bandit, invented in 1887 in San Francisco by Charles Frey, a German mechanic. It goes without saying slot machines have come on along way since then and online casinos offer you many different variations from video poker to video keno right through to the simple more traditional style.

Online Slots are virtual slot machines. Ok why play slots online well for one its fairer essentially you are up against a program and as online casinos like to give better odds than vegas casinos they simply program these games to pay out more often.

Playing online slots is not just about luck either quite the opposite the more complicated a machine is the better for you. If a machine gives lots of options and you play it alot try to build up a picture of how it works the more skillfull you become the more you will win. Some players are simply better than others so if you think you could become good at it then your more likly to win than those players who arent so hot.

As each online slot game is different it is impossible for us to give you a standard set of rules or guidelines without us knowing a number of factors about the machine you are playing. However general tips can be given.

1. Keep a track of the symbols which appear on each wheel. Aim to build up a picture so you know what order the symbols come in and how far away you are for each symbol. This knowledge is useful if you get the opportunity to nudge. Build up a plan of each wheel and draw it out to help you.

2. Make a note on how often a particular tatic is successful.

3. The best time to play is when the jackpot is quite high as they are more primed to payout.

We suggest you try the games at Jackpotcity as there appears to be regular large payout to players of its games. Click here to visit jackpotcity online slots. Jackpotcity also have a massive selection of some of the best online progressive games around!

To view a range of progressive jackpot online slots with thier current jackpots Progrssive Jackpot slots pay the largest payouts as their jackpots are linked accross a number of online casinos.

Have you ever played in a slots tournament? Online slot tournaments are becoming very popular as some offer free entry and others a paid entry but with teh chance to win big prizes, generally for the top 3 players.

We also like Progressive Watch which monitors all the progressive slots jackpots and lets you know which ones are the best to play based upon there previous payouts.

I also like to playing for free, so I was pleased to hear from a friend of mine who is creating this free slots site. I've assured they will have as many free slot machines as possible!
















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