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Lou Krieger

Lou Krieger is one of the best and most respected Poker players and Author of all time, this page is dedicated to the great Lou Krieger who has kindly donated so many great Texas Holdem and other Poker related Articles for us to use on our site.

Lou Krieger is the host of Royal Vegas Online Poker Room which is a highly trusted poker room and a great place to play Poker Online. Read our Royal Vegas Online Poker Room review or see a Full Size Royal Vegas Preview.

Tournaments Hosted by Lou Krieger

Books Written by Lou Krieger

Lou Krieger has not only written the great articles you can see on our site but has also written a number of great poker books below you can see these books.


Holdem Excellence From beginner to Winner by Lou Krieger

Hold 'Em Excellence - from Beginner to Winner

If your totally new to Texas Holdem this is one of the books you need to be reading!

Holdem Excellence - A Winner for life by Lou Krieger

Hold 'Em Excellence - A Winner for Life

A Classic Poker book a must for anyones Poker book collection! As the name suggests its specific to Texas Holdem.

Poker for Dummies by Lou Krieger

Poker for Dummies

This is Lou's Best selling Poker book!

Internet Poker by Lou Krieger

Internet Poker - How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games

A great book for new players to the online poker scene.

The Poker Players Bible by Lou Krieger

The Poker Players Bible

This book has not yet been published, you may still order this title from Amazon.

Real Poker Night: Taking Your Home Game to a New Level by Lou Krieger

Real Poker Night: Taking Your Home Game to a New Level

This book has not yet been published, you may still order this title from Amazon.

Winning Omaha/8 Poker by Lou Krieger

Winning Omaha/8 Poker

As the name implys this is Lou's book on Omha Poker.


A Quote

In poker - as in so many other disciplines - there are great "players" and then there are great "teachers." Lou Krieger is both. Trust me. His appreciation for the intricacies of poker are obvious. He's one of the few writers who incorporates both good card sense and comprehensive situational analysis in his writing. Reading Lou's advice is like getting painting lessons from Rembrandt or being taught the violin by Stradivarius."

Nolan Dalla
Card Player Magazine


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